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Whether you're a seasoned influencer or just starting out, if your community is active and engaged, Monetizee has got your back. Partner with us and turn your influence into income.

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Monetizee's aim is straightforward: to connect communities with trustworthy partnerships, enhancing earnings for content creators.

Select from our range of partner brands, craft your content, and start earning commissions instantly!

What are the advantages of using Monetizee?

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Super easy!

Choose the brand, get a tracking link and communicate. It's as simple as that.

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Our handpicked brands meet stringent standards of trustworthiness and offer quality. All you need to do is concentrate on crafting your content!

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Dedicated Support

Receive complimentary personalized assistance and promotional materials to achieve optimal results swiftly.

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Big commissions!

You receive your commissions on a monthly basis. The more you perform, the more you earn!

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Nima Coffee and Tea

Become a partner with Nima and seize the opportunity to promote exceptional coffee and tea products. Offer your audience top-quality products and earn attractive commissions on each sale generated.

ECOM Starter - Optimized E-Commerce Stores

Become a partner with ECOM Starter and capitalize on our turnkey e-commerce solution. Offer your audience the opportunity to launch their own optimized store and earn attractive commissions on every sale generated.


Discover the magic of Omnisens and awaken your audience's senses. These luxury cosmetic products are designed for everyone aspiring to enrich their beauty ritual with an exceptional well-being experience. By sharing them, earn a commission on every sale!

Flytex Compression Sleeves

Boost your performance and alleviate pain. Perfect for athletes, these sleeves are the key to rejuvenated legs. Introduce them to your audience and earn with every sale. Discover the innovation for an optimal sporting experience.

Century: Age of Ashes

Soar to the skies in "Century: Age of Ashes"! Become a legendary dragon rider in this competitive Free-to-Play shooter.

Boost your commissions by promoting an epic game where skill defines heroes.

Ultimate Champions

Ultimate Champions is a free-to-play cross-league Fantasy Football & Basketball Game with officially licensed digital cards hosted as NFTs on the Blockchain. UC offers you the opportunity to build the best possible team/teams with real athletes and earn rewards based on how the athletes perform in real life in our various leagues and tournaments.

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They talk
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