The latest campaigns

Mentorat ECommerce

High-ticket state-accredited course in the field of E-commerce. Maximize your income with our generous commissions while supporting the education of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Ma Formation Influence

TikTok low-ticket training with a high conversion rate. Easily boost your income while helping your audience become successful influencers, with topics such as AI and monetization.

Century: Age of Ashes

Soar to the skies in "Century: Age of Ashes"! Become a legendary dragon rider in this competitive Free-to-Play shooter.

Boost your commissions by promoting an epic game where skill defines heroes.

Flytex Compression Sleeves

Boost your performance and alleviate pain. Perfect for athletes, these sleeves are the key to rejuvenated legs. Introduce them to your audience and earn with every sale. Discover the innovation for an optimal sporting experience.

The Body Shop

Leading the way in ethical beauty.

Boasting natural and eco-friendly products, it's precisely the brand your audience has been seeking. Why not unveil a kind of beauty that truly matters to them?

AqeeLab Nutrition

Superior Dietary Supplements!

Join the nutritional revolution with AqeeLab Nutrition! Share with your audience a range of healthy, eco-friendly, and French-made products. AqeeLab offers superior quality ingredients, free from preservatives and artificial colors. Become an ambassador for a committed brand and earn attractive commissions on every sale made through your promotion!

Ultimate Champions

Ultimate Champions is a Fantasy Football NFT game. Play with your friends and become the Ultimate Champion.

Win tournaments every week to increase the value of your team.